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In 1996, when California made history as the first state to legalize medical marijuana, legal cannabis was still only a distant hope for most of the nation. Yet less than two decades later, in 2012, more than a dozen other states would allow medical marijuana, and Colorado and Washington would legalize marijuana for recreational purposes.

How have we come so far in such a short time? And how far do we still have to go? The resources below will help you find answers to those questions and more.


If you were paying attention to the 2016 local election, Denver voted to allow public use of marijuana in establishments with a special license. Proposition 300 is exciting as it’s the first statewide measure to give renters and out-of-towners a place to smoke. Check out the CBSNews.com coverage of Proposition 300 for more details.

60 Minutes

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of Denver marijuana and how MiNDFUL came to be a part of this exciting industry, be sure to check out this ‘‘60 Minutes’’ interview with MiNDFUL founder and CEO Megan Sanders. The video discusses the past, present and future of legal cannabis, and what it’s like to be a part of this exciting new industry.

Market to Market

Denver’s booming cannabis industry didn’t happen overnight. In addition to a few game-changing elections, it has also required local entrepreneurship and innovation. If you’ve ever considered a career in this growing industry, check out Market to Market’s story on the groundbreaking work of Denver’s dispensaries.


Interested in learning more about our impact on the local cannabis industry? Check out this story from Denver’s own award-winning alternative weekly Westword about MiNDFUL’s dedication to quality cannabis.


This Colorado.gov page lays down the law on legal cannabis: everything from who can buy cannabis to where you can smoke it, as well as issues such as driving under the influence, growing at home, and state vs. federal law.


Colorado takes driving under the influence very seriously. Before getting behind the wheel, make sure you understand the legal limits and the penalties for driving when you shouldn’t. This CDOT page on cannabis and driving will help you navigate the laws and ensure you stay safe.


Want to know more about the local cannabis revolution? Check out this page on Colorado’s cannabis history, then check out the rest of SensibleColorado.org for more information on the work they do and how you can help.

History Channel

Find out how we got to where we are today. The History Channel documents the last century in cannabis history, from the early days of discrimination against it to the revolution of legal marijuana in recent decades, and the role Colorado has played as a trailblazer in this exciting new industry.


FindLaw offers a list of all states that allow medical marijuana, along with the specifics of each state’s laws. In addition, the site has a page with information about legal cannabis, such as a listing of states that have legalization laws and a summary of the issues raised when state laws differ from federal law.

National Geographic

This National Geographic story on legal cannabis takes a look at the current market in Denver, the benefits of medical marijuana and the science behind it all. Learn about how cannabis helps sick kids and adults live their lives to the fullest, and the role that MiNDFUL plays in the exciting discoveries being made every day.

United Patients Group

The United Patients Group offers a host of information about medical cannabis and the research behind it, as well as other resources, such as recent news, a list of cannabis-friendly medical providers and a map that shows medical and legal marijuana laws by state.

Americans for Safe Access

Americans for Safe Access is an organization dedicated to promoting the research and legal status of medical marijuana. Their website offers a variety of resources, such as sections on research, legal issues, recent news and ways to get involved in the movement.

The Cannabist

An offshoot of The Denver Post, The Cannabist is a resource not only for Coloradans but anyone who lives and breathes cannabis. Visit this website regularly to stay up-to-date on cannabis news and culture, read reviews on specific strains, and more.

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For more information about legal cannabis, contact MiNDFUL Dispensary today. Whether you want to work with cannabis or just enjoy it, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.