Ready to Join the Cannabis Industry?

Ready to Join the Cannabis Industry?

Ready to Join the Cannabis Industry?

Working in the cannabis industry sounds like a dream job for many people. What many of them don’t realize is just how much you need to know to become a budtender or grower.
With that in mind, here are some helpful things you should know:

The cannabis industry is highly regulated

The rules are strict and there is little to no wiggle room. Not everyone even qualifies to work in the industry, so before you start handing out resumes do your research on the rules and regulations to see if you qualify and if you’re fully willing to work at a dispensary under a very tight set of guidelines.

The cannabis field is growing rapidly

If you don’t want to be left behind, do your research! Simply typing “get hired weed industry” into Google and reading the first article is not enough. Find networking events, read books and ask people in the industry what websites they recommend visiting.

Budtenders are not just ‘‘legal dealers’’

They are incredibly educated in all things cannabis. On top of customer service, budtenders are trusted to know what strains of marijuana will be the best choice for each client. They need to know where it was grown, how it was extracted, the quality – plus the answer to any other questions that may arise. They also need to be knowledgeable about all store products, such as edibles, concentrates and accessories.
Cultivating cannabis is both a science and an art. Growers are constantly learning and exposing themselves to new and different horticultural ideas and techniques. They are open to hearing and trying new options and share their resources with their team to achieve the best results.
Growing is a very high-stress position. They are responsible for the crop 24/7. Any inconsistency in the environmental or nutritional areas can cause the loss of entire harvests. They must remain organized at all times to avoid accidental mishaps and costly errors.
At MiNDFUL we strive to be the best; to be the best we have to hire the best. We’re always open to answering questions from those interested in getting into the industry as well as our recreational and medical clients at any of our six locations (In-store services only available for medical marijuana – Chicago, Colorado Springs and Berthoud).


Be part of the MiNDFUL family. Come see what dream job we have available for you!

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