Prerolls, colloquially known as “joints,” are as recognizable a symbol of cannabis as the five-pointed marijuana leaf. Many experienced smokers have spent years learning to roll their cannabis into joints, and many more have given up on the practice in frustration.

Prerolls take the messy work out of rolling a cannabis cigarette while offering the same smoking satisfaction offered by the iconic joint.

Prerolls have been the go-to means of consumption for many medical and recreational cannabis smokers. Their popularity could be attributed to several factors:

  • They are discreet and disposable: Prerolls are an efficient way to enjoy your cannabis without bringing unwanted attention to yourself.  When you’re done with a preroll, you can simply dispose of the filter and leave no mess behind.
  • They require no special hardware or tools: When you purchase a preroll, you can enjoy your smoke without taking the time to crush, pack or roll. There’s no need for a grinder, pipe, screens, ashtrays or any peripherals; all you need are opposable thumbs and a fire source.
  • They are biodegradable: The carbon footprint for MiNDFUL’s prerolls is next to zero. You can enjoy your cannabis without concern for the environment.
  • They are easy to share: Recreational users have enjoyed sharing rolled marijuana cigarettes with their friends for more than a century. They enjoy the ritual of passing a preroll to their friends while building bonds through conversation and a shared experience.
  • They are an inexpensive way to sample different strains of cannabis: Prerolls are a great way to sample marijuana without significant investment. You can sample a strain without committing to buying large amounts or purchasing peripheral tools.
  • Prerolls produce smoke that tastes better than a pipe: MiNDFUL’s prerolls are made of our finest selections of cannabis, and we want you to experience maximum enjoyment of the flavor and aroma. Prerolls are generally believed to be the ideal way to taste cannabis smoke in its purest form.

MiNDFUL’s prerolls consist of ground, fresh cannabis flowers wrapped in fine tobacco paper and are ready to light and enjoy. No fuss, no muss. We proudly make our prerolls with care using the finest, handcrafted and mindfully grown cannabis in Colorado.

Prerolls allow you to sample many different strains before deciding on your preferred flower.
So which of our preroll strains are right for you? The budtenders at our MiNDFUL locations are experts in our products and are ready to help you select a strain that best alleviates your symptoms and suits your smoking tastes.