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National Geographic

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At MiNDFUL, we’re proud to be a part of the cannabis revolution happening in Colorado and all over the country. With one of the largest grow facilities in the state and one of the longer-running dispensaries as well, we believe our unique outlook is part of what has made us so successful. We believe in honesty, accountability and, above all, MiNDFULness in everything we do.

Our innovative growers and ambitious staff have earned us not only a place in the cannabis history books, but also many media appearances and awards for our focused, effective strains. To learn more about cannabis’s colorful history and rise to fame, check out the links below.

60 Minutes

Find out more about MiNDFUL’s role in Denver’s budding cannabis industry (no pun intended) in this short video. Our CEO, Megan Sanders, discusses her involvement in the industry early on. “What better opportunity than to jump into a fledgling industry, something we’ll never see again in our lifetime.”

National Geographic

For many growers, our work is an intersection of science, horticulture and art. Find out about the discoveries and advancements that scientists and growers have made, including the innovative growers on MiNDFUL’s team.


At MiNDFUL, we take our responsibilities as growers very seriously. Read this feature in the Westword to learn more about how we produce that perfect product you can purchase at your nearest recreational dispensary. As our director of retail sales, David Cook, notes, we have more than hundred varieties that we grow, enabling us to offer a constantly changing weekly menu.

The History Channel

Learn about the history of cannabis in America over the last century, from racism to legislative victories, and how MiNDFUL’s Denver recreational dispensary is contributing to the industry’s growth. “I’m really proud of what we’ve built so far, but we have so far to go,” says our CEO, Megan Sanders.

Market to Market

Watch a short video that sums up Denver’s history as a frontrunner in the medical and recreational cannabis industries. Megan Sanders, CEO of MiNDFUL, discusses how far the industry has come and the challenges it still has yet to face. As fast as we stock our shelves at each recreational dispensary Colorado buyers clear them off again. The demand is so high that there is simply “never enough product.”