MiNDFUL Dispensary

Is Marijuana Legal?

In the state of Colorado, both medical and recreational marijuana has been legalized. The age limit for medical marijuana is 18 with a medical card provided by a doctor. Only medical cards from Colorado will be accepted, not cards from other states that have legalized medical marijuana for those under the age of 21. For recreational products, you must be over the age of 21 to purchase.

Where Can I Buy Marijuana Products?

Nearly 1,000 active dispensaries are operating in Colorado. Almost half of them exclusively serve medical patients while the others are solely recreational or serve both demographics. MiNDFUL has dispensary locations in Aurora, Denver, Berthoud, Colorado Springs, and Chicago.

What Types of Marijuana are Available?

There are hundreds of individual marijuana strains available on the market with a variety of characteristics. Also, there are marijuana concentrates and edibles for those who prefer not to smoke.

Can I Smoke Marijuana Anywhere?

The current law states that you may only consume marijuana products in private locations or places that are 420-friendly. Some hotels have added 420-friendly rooms for visitors from out of town.

How Much Can I Buy?

Current law states that you may purchase up to one ounce of THC. You should speak to a professional at your MMJ Denver Dispensary about the equivalency of one ounce of bud or flower versus an ounce of concentrate. The rules regarding marijuana in hand only apply to recreational sales, not medical sales.

How Much Does Marijuana Cost in Colorado?

The price of marijuana varies from shop to shop. Some stores use a simple one-size-fits-all pricing method, while others categorize different strains according to their quality and you pay more for top tier strains.

Can I Leave the State with My Marijuana?

All marijuana must remain in the state of Colorado after you purchase it. Due to disparities in the laws from state to state, carrying marijuana across state lines could get you into serious legal trouble with the federal government.

What are the Penalties for Breaking Marijuana Laws?

Colorado takes their new marijuana legislation very seriously. Violating the law could land you with a hefty fine or even jail time.