The Mindful Difference

What is MiNDFUL?

We believe in mindfulness in everything we do. From how we grow our cannabis to how we interact with each and every person, whether a supplier or a customer, we believe our actions have an impact on the world as a whole. Our dedication to integrity, personal responsibility and sustainability lead to quality you can count on.

Superior Products and Service

Whether you are in search of an MMJ dispensary in Colorado or a recreational dispensary in Denver, we have a wide variety of strains on our menu that will satisfy your needs.

Got anxiety and stress? You’ll love our White Dawg, a hybrid that is also used to treat depression, offer migraine relief and deliver a heady experience that fans of The White and other potent sativas will love.

Looking for a strong cerebral high with full-body effects? Check out Cookie Wreck, a hybrid created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Trainwreck. You’ll love the cookie aroma and the fruity exhale!

Interested in concentrates, edibles, or tinctures? We have those, too. From Chroma, a concentrate that offers over 90 percent THC, to Gaias Garden cotton candy and hard candies, we offer a wide variety of products to suit your every need.

Our customers range from MMJ members to recreational connoisseurs, but no matter what kind you’re looking for, our ever-mindful staff will be happy to help you achieve the perfect experience for both your body and your mind.

Mindful Innovation

Unlike most other dispensaries, we are more than just sellers. We take pride in not only mindfully growing our own cannabis, but also developing our own strains for specific effects. Our dispensaries have earned mentions from multiple high-profile media outlets at local, national, and even international levels.

  • The Denver Post
  • Westword
  • Chicago Sun-Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • NPR
  • The History Channel
  • 60 Minutes
  • High Times
  • The Cannabist
  • National Geographic
  • Travel + Leisure
  • BBC
  • International Business Times


We have multiple medical marijuana dispensaries, as well as recreational dispensaries. We look forward to serving you at any of the following locations:

Denver: Recreational and medical marijuana
Eastern Aurora: Recreational marijuana
Central Aurora: Recreational marijuana
Berthoud: Recreational and medical marijuana
Colorado Springs: Medical marijuana
Chicago: Medical marijuana 

Intrigued? We thought you might be! Stop in today to your nearest MiNDFUL location and find the peace of mind you’ve been missing.

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MiNDFUL is committed to providing the highest quality medicinal cannabis for our members and other Colorado medical cardholders. Looking for specific medical benefit from our different strains? Just ask!


Our East Denver, Berthoud and Aurora locations now offers MiNDFUL’s premium flower products, leading edibles and concentrates to everyone 21 and over. Come in and visit us today!

Mindfully Grown

MiNDFUL offers the very best hand-crafted cannabis in Colordao. We develop and grow our own strains, and take great pride in their cultivation and lineage. Learn about the effects of different strains here.



In the Media

National Geographic

SellSmART 2019
Lancaster Safety Consulting Training Completion (2019)

Mission, Vision and Core Values

The MiNDFUL Ethic

Mission Statement

Mindful’s mission is to ethically serve our global community.

Vision Statement

Mindful’s vision is to improve the quality of our human experience.

Core Values

Integrity: Be unyieldingly honest and inspire trust by meaning what we say, matching our behaviors to our words.

Accountability: Be committed to taking personal responsibility for one’s own actions, allowing us to achieve exceptional results as a team.

Respect: Be mutually considerate and appreciative, agreeing that each member, customer, and supplier adds value to our community.

Presence: Be mindful – in the state of active, open, purposeful attention – throughout each task and across every engagement.

Innovation: Be better for tomorrow by committing to new technologies, encouraging creative thinking and problem solving, and transforming our unique industry challenges into competitive opportunities and strategic partnerships.